About event "Perimetras"

„Perimetras“ is an baja event with a multi-stage race which closely follows Lithuanian border.
It’s a 60 hour and 2200 kilometer adventure which must be joined at least once in your life.
So called Lithuanian Dakar, though by some professional drivers called even tougher than it.

SPORT class
Specially prepared cars, with safety bows. Compete only on the speed section.


Standard cars. Compete only on indicative section.

ENDURO class
Enduro motorcycles. Competes only on speed section.

ATV / Quad class
Four-wheel motorcycles.  Compete only on speed section.

SxS class
“Side by side” motorcycles. Competes only on speed section.

Optional gear: We recommend to have a saw or an axe, navigation unit to follow the given route and operational communication device (mobile phone)